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Scott Bomberg

Gasoline & Perfume




01. Gasoline & Perfume – 4:35


Guitar and vocals by Scott Bomberg

Guitars and other instrumentation by Bob McCarroll


Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Bob McCarroll at OneStop.Studio, Phoenix, AZ


All musical compositions copyright of Scott Bomberg

© 2018 - Scott Bomberg • All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, lending, hiring,

broadcasting, streaming, or public performance is prohibited. Printed in the U.S.A.



Scott Bomberg is this young, talented guy I'd met and he had this great song he wanted to record - and I agreed to help him out. Scott came into the studio prepared and with his song arranged how he wanted it. We found an temporary drum track that worked well enough to get his initial tracks down.


We first laid down a "scratch" track that included Scott playing his song (electric guitar  on track 1 and vocal on track 2) to the temporary drum track. Next, Scott replayed his guitar track and then his vocals. I had Scott play his guitar track twice and on different tracks and ended up panning them hard left and right for a fuller sound.


Scott then left his tune with me to program a more pertinent drum track, add bass, and add additional guitars. For vocals, I ended up giving Scott's voice a "megaphone-ish" sound as it seemed to work well with the flavor of his song and it helped his voice cut through the mix. In addition, I added some distortion to his vocal to give it a little grit.


The Recording Details

Scott played his Telecaster for the guitar tracks. I also used a Telecaster for additional guitars. Guitars were direct recordings running through my DBX 676 Channel Strips. For vocals, I recorded Scott using a Neumann TLM 107 through a Focusrite ISA II Preamp and then through an ART VLAII Compressor.


Package Design

As this was a single song there was no CD packaging required. To help fill a graphics gap for this website,  I designed a quick and simple CD cover.


Sincerely, Bob McCarroll