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Paul Lucas

Piccoli Fiori (Little Flower)



01. Parallels – 2:18

02. Riders on the Horizon – 1:19

03. Habanera – 2:50

04. Bustle in a Hedgerow – 1:55

05. Red Queen – 1:12

06. Interval – 1:11

07. Last Flight – 2:39

08. The Seeker – 1:52

09. Big Land – 1:13

10. An Evening at the ShangriLa – 2:25

11. Carousel – 1:36

12. Senorita – 1:52

13. South Coast – 1:28


Recorded by Paul Lucas & Kyle Harris.


All musical compositions copyright © Paul Lucas (ASCAP)


© 2018 - Paul Lucas • All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, lending, hiring,

broadcasting, streaming, or public performance is prohibited. Printed in the U.S.A.



Initially, Paul brought me an amazing collection of solo, jazz guitar pieces - all recorded at different locations and using a myriad of recording devices and microphones. The task was to mix each recording to it's fullest potential while giving it a consistent sonic quality.


I decided to pull all of Paul's tunes into a single software session - this way I could put a song on it's own channel  or share like-sounding tracks on a single track, this would allow me to quickly jump back and forth between each song to quickly compare. In most cases, Paul's songs had been recorded with several microphones, including a direct signal, a neck mic, and a bridge or body mic. While the three source recordings gave me more leeway for mixing there were also tunes that had only a single source - usually a mic'd source. It was the single source, or 1-mic recordings that made things a little more challenging.



The MIXING Details

For Paul's mixing setup, I used an instance on each channel of SoftTube's Console 1 - which is basically a high-quality software/hardware channel strip, emulating some of the greatest mixing consoles: SSL 4000 E, SSL 9000K, and their British Class A console - basically a Neve console emulation. As I wanted a gentle EQ'ing of each guitar channel I chose to use the British Class A (Neve emulation) as it has the broadest of EQ curves.  I used very little compression, only adding to tame any wild peaks. For reverb, I chose to use FabFilter's Pro-R, and in particular, a custom dialed in Dark Hall with a controlled tail.


Package Design

For Paul's CD package design, and since the CD's title was Piccoli Fiore (Little Flower), I chose to submit a cover design to Paul that featured flowers. I love photographing flowers and had tons of flower shots to choose from. I presented Paul with a few photo choices, all of which I photographed while up in the Seattle area last year. Of course, the one you see on his cover was his final choice.



Please give Paul your support by listening, or better yet, purchasing his new CD: it's a wonderful collection of carefully crafted songs by a great talent.


Thanks, Bob McCarroll