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Mark Stiekman

This Dream Called Life




01. This Dream Called Life (Full Band Version) – 4:55

02. This Dream Called Life (Acoustic / Solo Version) – 4:52


Guitar and vocals by Mark Stiekman

Guitars and other instrumentation by Bob McCarroll


Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Bob McCarroll at OneStop.Studio, Phoenix, AZ


All musical compositions copyright © Mark Stiekman

© 2018 - Mark Stiekman • All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, lending, hiring,

broadcasting, streaming, or public performance is prohibited. Printed in the U.S.A.



"Bob is such a talented guy, and I'm glad we got together to record my song "This Dream Called Life". He worked with me to come up with a great acoustic version, and then added several additional guitar/etc. tracks and really brought the song to life. His studio is a cozy spot in his home and I look forward to working with Bob again soon."


—Mark Stiekman



Although I'd met Mark previously, Mark took advantage of a song recording promotion I had advertising to record a single song - acoustic and vocals - for an amazing price.


Mark played and sang his song (This Dream Called Life), "live," with no overdubbing. We did do a couple of takes and if there were any issues we'd copy a section from a different take and edit it into the problem area. The acoustic version sounded great and I asked Mark if he'd also like to take the option of having me add bass, drums, and additional guitars (Fender Telecaster and 1956 Supro Lap Steel). Mark liked the idea so he left the acoustic version with me and I proceeded to add in "band" elements to Mark's song. (both versions are presented above)


The Recording Details

The main guitar mic was a Neumann TLM107 Condenser mic set to a hyper-cardiod pattern and running through a Focusrite ISA II preamp and an ART Pro VLA II stereo compressor - adding a little insurance to avoid any clipping. Rarely did the compressor ever engage. For Mark's vocals I chose a Miktek CV4 Condenser Tube mic running it through a DBX 676 Tube / Hardware Channel Strip.


Package Design

As this was a single song there was no CD packaging required. To help fill a graphics gap, for cases such as this, I designed a quick and simple cover for Mark.


Sincerely, Bob McCarroll