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Jackson Hatfield

The Good Life




01. The Good Life – 3:10

02. Big Thing – 3:55

03. Motor City Girl – 3:10

04. All Been Said – 2:59

05. Dirty River – 4:26

06. Green Light – 4:05

07. Holiday at the Airport – 3:55

08. Call Debra – 3:30

09. Paul’s Got Tommy – 6:19

10. Dirty River - Acoustic Version – 4:26


Guitar and vocals by Jackson Guitar

Guitars and other instrumentation by Bob McCarroll


Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Bob McCarroll at OneStop.Studio, Phoenix, AZ

Photography by Shelby Lynn Symmonds


All musical compositions copyright © Jackson Hatfield (ASCAP)

© 2018 - Jackson Hatfield • All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, lending, hiring,

broadcasting, streaming, or public performance is prohibited. Printed in the U.S.A.




As Jackson lived a hundred miles away, the pre-planning for each of his sessions went a little like this: Jackson would record an iPhone video of each song from in his kitchen and forward it on to me. While the phone / video recordings were not of the greatest fidelity it was easy to tell that each song was an absolute diamond in the rough.


Upon receiving each video rough, I'd begin by searching out the appropriate rhythm track that would compliment the song. At this point, it was usually a very simple one to two bar beat that I looped for the duration of the song rough. With the beat set, I would proceed with setting up the session within the software; usually adding a bass channel, two acoustic guitar channels, an electric guitar channel, and finally, a vocal channel.


On the day of each session, we'd typically plan on laying down 2 tunes. Our recording procedure was mostly the same for each session. Jackson would lay down a rough track over the looped rhythm track - with just his guitar and vocal. As he'd worked out the arrangement for each of his song it made it a pretty smooth process. Once the rough track was recorded I'd have Jackson lay down his acoustic guitar track, and finally, his vocal track. Overdubs and corrections were determined and made after carefully listening to the playback. Jackson knew his songs so well that edits were very minor.


Often, we'd follow up the guitar and vocal recording with adding some percussion elements, tambourine, shakers, etc., whatever we thought might compliment. If it worked, we'd keep it. If it didn't, we mute it. Jackson also played some  amazing electric solos, as on,  All Been Said Before and Big Thing.


Jackson was so trusting with his songs, once we'd laid down the foundational tracks - usually in a 3-4 hour session, Jackson would leave them with me to add the "backing band." Sometimes this might be as simple as adding a kick drum and some additional guitar fills, as on Holiday at the Airport, or as radical as completely revising Dirty River from an acoustic-based song to a full-fledged electric treatment.


The Recording Details

The main guitar mic was a Neumann TLM107 Condenser mic set to a hyper-cardiod pattern and running through a Focusrite ISA II preamp and an ART Pro VLA II stereo compressor - adding insurance to avoid any clipping. Rarely did the compressor ever engage as I tend to record a very conservative levels. For Eric's vocals I also chose a couple of mics including a Miktek CV4 Condenser running through a Focusrite ISA II preamp and a Neumann TLM107 running through a DBX 676 Tube Channel Strip.


Package Design

Jackson decided to call the CD "The Good Life" (after one of the songs in the project), and wanted an illustration, rather than a photo. He was very specific on what he wanted, explaining to me the scene he envisioned. I proceeded to illustrate the cover using bright colors and a simple to help give it shelf-appeal and an attractive "feel."



Please give Jackson your support by listening, or better yet, purchasing his new CD: it's a wonderful collection of carefully crafted songs by a great talent.


Thanks, Bob McCarroll